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Webpage Helpers



<A HREF="your url">Your page name</A>

and if you want to make a picture link just put the coding for the picture in the your page name area




If you want to put a midi file on your webpage that will open up instanly just put in the code

EMBED SRC="your file name.mid" HIDDEN=TRUE AUTOSTART=TRUE To put a midi file

Just put the name of the file or the url of the file in the poketower.mid section or the section in parentheses



If you want to put in the é on your website just press alt 130 and hold alt and the letter é will appear.



If you want to help me out just put this banner up on your website and use my url.

my urls are I recommend using this one or just use


If you want to send me any more tips on webpage building just send them to

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