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<US>99 of any item

First fly to viridian and talk to the old guy who shows u how to catch a weedle. When he asks are you in a hurry respond no, then watch him catch a weedle. After he shows you how, take the item you want 99 of and make it the 6th item on your list. Now fly to Fuchsia City. Use surf and surf to the coast of Seafoam. DO NOT GET OFF. Now surf on the coast of seafoam until u fight a pokemon called M'. it looks like a missigno. Now after you defeat him or run (DO NOT CAPTURE) look at your 6th item. u should have 99! Oh this pokemon is able to be captured But you have to have an open space in your pokémon belt because if you try to take it out of the box it will freeze up I know it will happen because I have tried it!!! Also you can fly to cinnibar and surf on the right side of that it is a lot faster and easier.

<US> Glitch over 100

Ok if you have a glitch like Sapusar or any of those gameshark glitches after having them for a while go to the Elite 4 and fight and win at least two battles with that pokemon on any of the trainers that pokemon should exceed over level 100 WARNING: You can only get them up to level 255 if gone past it will go back to zero or 1 so you can only use rare candys on them to keep them going up and also you can only fight a friend on a link cable with them or else the will go back down to 100.

<US>Double pokemon

This code let's you double a rare Pokémon, but the other Pokémon is deleted. First, have one person select a rare Pokémon or one that is at higher level than yours. Second, have the other person select an easy one to get like Pidgey or Ratatta. Then have the person that has the rare Pokémon turn their Game Boy off as soon as it says WAITING! Then have the person with the common one turn their Game Boy off. If all this was done correctly, you each should have the rare Pokémon, and the common one should be gone. I

Works great!!!

<US>Lot o' money

It is called the item warper. First go to Cinnabar Island. Go inside the pokemon lab, and trade with one of the guys there. Then move a nugget or expensive TM near the top of you item list. Then surf up and down the right side of the island, where it looks like you are half on land and half on the water and hold down "a". In a couple seconds you will run into missingno. There are a lot of him so don't worry if you kill him. He has really high attack but defense stinks. Catch at least one of him. Then look at your items. There will be a little symbol in front of a nine where the number is for that one item. Then go to the pokemart. Go to sell. Sell that item with the symbol, but press down when he asks you how many you want to sell. You have thousands of bucks! It works well when down on $ signs.

<US>Master ball cheat

First have great balls than when you see a pokemon you want you through the Great ball and hold up and B right before it hits but keep holding the button and it might not work if you don't have your timing right. Awsome

<US>Safari cheat

When you go to the safari zone stay in one patch of grass for all the steps do not try to catch any Pokemon and after that go surf on the gym side of Cinnibar Island you should find some Safari zone pokemon . It's great I got my Scyther with it!!!

<JAP>L:100 Code

1. Go into battle and place an ability you do not want on your pokemon at the bottom by pressing select on it, the pressing select on the bottom ability.

2. Go to the Item List and go down the seventh item from the top, press select on it, and exit out.

3. Go into battle.

4. Press select on the bottom ability, and then attack the enemy and kill it without pressing select again. The monster will them be L:100, but the ability you pressed select on will be gone. You will be able to add other abilities later on though.

The monster's health bar may do some weird stuff, but just go to a Poke Center and heal him, and it will be fine. If you don't press select on the bottom ability and press select on any above it, any ability and any below the one you pressed select on will be gone. I think its better to lose one compared to two, don't You. Hey you know what I tried this on the american version and my pokemon went up 4 levels and didn't lose a move!!!

<JAP>Random Ability Code


1. Go into battle and take the ability you want changed into another at the bottom. Do this by pressing select on the ability you want changed, and press select again on the bottom ability.

2. Go into your Items List and press select on the eighth item down from the top, then exit out.

3. Go into battle, and press select on the bottom ability. The ability will change into something, but that is not necessarily the ability you will get. Go to a pokemon shop and replenish the PP, because the ability you get is drained.

3. Go test the ability! If it's one you don't like, do it again! I've gotten cool abilities like Nemuru, and one that copies the other monster's abilities! you?

<US> Missingno. Got to cinnibar and trade a pokemon in the lab and go out and surf on the right side of Cinnibar island and a Missingo. Will appear he looks like a bunch of blocks. In other words he looks like a computer chip with an eye. Also missingno. Is very weak he is very high in attack but nothing else.


MISSINGNO. was originally just a beta test Pokémon. The programmers left the "skeleton info" of this Pokémon in the game either because of time restraints or because they forgot.


First get a Magikarp and go to the Name Rater in Lavender town. Name the Magikarp mew and go into your items and push select on the 13TH item 7 times and talk to the Namerater again and ask him to rate mew and he should say his name is good or whatever after you trade a pokemon and try naming it.


Get all 150 pokémons and then go to the guy in the Celadon mansion that is in the front of the room of programmers and he will give you mew in the U.S. version he will give you a lousy certificate that says you got all 150. I mean the guy who is just standing there

<US> Yoshi

both players must have beaten the elite four and have 150 pokemon then red version trades a Dratini to blue version blue version evolves the Dratini to Dragonite then trades it back to red then red then goes to unknown dungeon where mew was located use a fire stone on Dragonite (it will say not able but do it anywayz) the screen will glitch then say What! Dragonite is evolving still has all the same moves as dragonite but looks like yoshi and is pokedex #999

Also here are some things about secret pokemon in the game.


Rakki is a small unfinished pokemon that they never finished and he lives in safari zone he is half glitch half Raccoon you have a 1% chance of finding this pokemon. I have seen him before but sorry I can't get a picture for you. Oh when I said half glitch half Raccoon that's what his picture looks like.


this pokemon lives in one of the caves he also is a one percenter


He lives in Cinnibar Mansion he is also a one percenter watch out for whirlblast though he either looks like a weezing or Muk with the name Betobeton same with Dogasuu. Dogasuu likes to teleport so you have to have a very powerful Pokémon.

There are many others.